I shot and directed the broadcast behind-the-scenes documentary  for David Attenborough’s new film for Sky 1, Natural History Museum: Alive.

In the ground-breaking film, Sir David takes the viewer on a journey through the world-famous Natural History Museum in London in a captivating tale of discovery, adventure, and magic, where 3D technology, state-of-the-art CGI, science, and research combine to bring the museum’s now long-extinct inhabitants to life to discover how these animals once roamed the planet. As the doors are locked and night falls, Attenborough stays behind and meets some of the most fascinating extinct creatures which come alive in front of his eyes: dinosaurs, ice age beasts, and giant reptiles.

Making David Attenborough’s Natural History Musuem: Alive will be broadcast on Sky 1 on 4th January at 7.35pm



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