Award-winning filmmaker working across documentary, commercials and drama.

Edward has experience shooting under pressure, in remote and inhospitable locations around the world for major TV broadcasters. As a double-first Oxford English literature graduate, he also has a strong academic background and a passion for history, science and the arts.

He has experience working with big name talent such as Sir David Attenborough and Michel Roux and is also an accomplished self-shooter, including at 4K.

Having trained in film direction at Columbia University Film School, New York, he has a passion for the visual image and brings a narrative flair to all his work.


In addition to working with DoPs on larger projects, I am also an accomplished self-shooter, including at 4K. I have experience shooting for broadcast on a range of cameras including Sony Fs7, F55, PMW-300, Canon C300 and XF305.


As well as directing on set, I also have experience in scripting, shoot planning, edit production and in series creation.


I have directed projects all over the world in a range of extreme environments, from the jungles of Borneo, to the Andes mountains and the Great Barrier Reef.